All McCray picks are uniquely hand beveled, producing notably the best tone, feel and response available in the industry.

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Why McCray Picks?

McCray Picks - Chris Davis

I’ve used my favorite pick for several Years.  And thought man it gets no better than this.  Now, I use a McCray pick! I’ve fallen in love all over again!  McCray picks provide tone playability and hardly any wear!

Great company! Great people! Great product!
Everything you need in a pick!

-Chris Davis

Jason Fraley of ‘A Deeper Shade of Blue‘ – Why McCray Picks!

So, you’ve become serious about music as a profession. You’ve acquired the perfect instrument and secured a gig. You know what you need to deliver the best performance possible — the perfect blend of resonance, volume, speed and accuracy — all of which comes from that tiny extension of your hand: your pick.

In an effort to provide the best solution for every style of playing and picking, we are offering our premium picks in 3 series.  One or several of each can cover a variety of instrument types and performance venues — from your front porch to the studio or even stadium events.

McCray Picks will enhance your musical performance by delivering in three key areas: tone, feel and response. Enrich the quality of your sound with added depth, fullness and tonal color. Achieve effortless glide, grip, speed and control. And receive an authentic touch-feel connection with aggregate sensory feedback with every strum.

Add a McCray Pick to your arsenal, and watch as your instrument becomes the true extension of your body, delivering exactly what your mind imagines.

Welcome to McCray Picks. Where artistry and innovation are brought to life.